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Wholesale Growth Oil bottles

Wholesale Growth Oil bottles

When purchasing 12 Growth Oil bottles at wholesale prices you save $$ AND you have the freedom up-charge. Stylist can add these oils onto their services or just have them to sell to their clients. It’s worth the investment, get back all you’ve invested PLUS more.

This is a formula that stimulates hair follicles and much more. It contains properties that generate the growth of cells, and reduces hair loss, all while treating the scalp and promoting hair growth. Hair Garden Essentials “Growth oil” is also packed with vitamins and minerals that aid in keeping the hair healthy and stronger than ever! Its also great for brittle, dry and chemically damaged hair. This oil is what your hair is missing. Your hair is just like a Garden it shouldnt be limp and dry, it should be growing wild and free!

Ships within 3-5 Days of your order.
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