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Exfoliating Coffee  Scrub (Men & Women)

Exfoliating Coffee Scrub (Men & Women)

My Coffee scrub lathers when applied to wet skin. It exfoliates and promotes healthy skin as it cleanses. It does wonders for the skin, take a look at the ingredients.

Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Ground Coffee, Sweet Almond Oil, African black Soap, T-Tree oil,

Sweet Almond Oil- improves complexion and acne, treats dry skin, contains several nutrients, reduces sun damage

Ground coffee- contains substances that promote healthy skin and reduces premature aging

Glycerin- allows skin to retain moisture, reduces dryness, softens skin and etc

Lavender oil- fights fungus, reduces redness, soothes irritable skins and calms

Vitamin E- reduces UV damage in skin, helps skin retain water, moisturizes, soothes..

Brown sugar- exfoliates, keeps skin radiant and healthy…

Tea Tree Oil- prevents oily skin, treats darks spots, helps reduce acne…

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