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African Black Soap scrub (Women)

African Black Soap scrub (Women)

This particular scrub lathers when applied to wet skin. It has gentle exfoliating abilities and cleanses effectively. It also repairs the skin, adds vitamins and much more.

Ingredients: Granulated sugar, Sweet Almond Oil, African black soap, Aloe Vera, Laurel dimethylamine Oxide, T-Tree oil, Mica, Fragrance

Granulated sugar - gentle exfoliate

Sweet Almond Oil-Sweet Almond Oil- improves complexion and acne, treats dry skin, contains several nutrients, reduces sun damage

African black soap- deep cleanse

Aloe Vera- moisturizes, heals wounds, fights aging

Laurel dimethylamine Oxide- cleanse

T-Tree oil- prevents oily skin, treats darks spots, helps reduce acne…

Mica- color

Fragrance- Fresh

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